Thursday, August 31, 2006



For community cohesion, we need communities. The Hindus and Jains try hard to build and sustain communities involving young and old alike, but mostly off their own efforts and with little direct support from the government. And they are generally law abiding citizens who save a huge amount of money for the government by not depending on welfare. Also we have a healthy lifestyle with good mental and physical health and strong family support networks. Unfortunately however, in the mainstream, communities are breaking apart. Few participate in churches or any sort of local communal activity. Young parents are busy working full time with little time even for their families – let alone community. Many don’t even know their neighbours and don’t think they need to know them. And therin lies the problem. It is a direct result of materialism and the lack of spiritual and ethical values in modern society. It is also a result of the spread of greed and big business which have directly broken communities and removed relationships of trust and loyalty. Clearly, this is not an easy nut to crack for the Home Office. However, it needs to look at root causes of social break-up and alienation if there is to be peaceful social co-existence in Britain. The young Muslim terrorists feel alienated and lost and become susceptible to such violent actions through their ignorance and vulnerability. Setting a Commission is a first step, but its eyes and ambitions must be for the long term.

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