Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The best leader is one who inspires, encourages and sustains. Leadership is both a responsibility and an opportunity, a powerful and lonely job at the same time. For leaders to nourish and stimulate others, they need to stimulate themselves and stay motivated. Spirituality and a belief in the strength of the inner spirit is very often the core strength of great leaders. They have no ego and see themselves as part of a larger cosmos, brought on this earth to perform a duty. Their reward is not in ovation or gratitude from the public but in good responsible service. The best leader is one who is also the best servant of the people.


Rhys Alexander said...

They don't believe in having an ego and see themselves as part of a larger universe that sent them to earth to accomplish a task. Instead of receiving praise or appreciation from the general public, they are rewarded for providing good, responsible service. I am a freelance writer with a phd dissertations in linguistics
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