Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Madeleine Bunting (Guardian Newspaper) on Atheism

This is an excellent article showing how so many scientists and critics of religion are fanatical and extremist in their own right. In this process, they misunderstand and distort religion completely.

As a practitioner and promoter of Indian Dharma, I also find this disturbing. If one really tries to understand it, Indian Dharma is the science of sustainable living. However, most scientists approach it with great suspicion and cynicism and start from the view that it is dogmatic and dismissive of critical thinking and appraisal. Far from it. There is evidence of multi-faith debates in India as far back as the fifth century and even earlier. There were no boundaries between the major religions of India and often an active desire to debate and learn from one another. Some of the best manuscripts of different religions were preserved in Jain libraries for example - such was the openness and respect for wisdom.

Yes, we all need to try to understand Indian wisdom in its own terms, and see how rational and scientific it is. Also if we were to try yoga and meditation, we would directly experience the benefits instantly - without needing a scientific test to prove it.

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