Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Rowntree Study on Integration

This BBC article quotes a new study which shows that Eastern Europeans who come here do not feel welcome and as a result live in ghettos and do not know host community people. This was discussed today on the BBC Asian Network radio on the Nihal show and I participated in the phone-in. A number of callers said how impressed they were with the Polish community and felt that they should be allowed to settle and given time to adapt and learn English and the local habits and customs. The British are 'Polite yet distant' was one of the findings of the study - I took this phrase and said on radio that hospitality is a weakness and we need to be more accomodating and considerate of others who come here - many people are insensititive to the needs of others. It seems ethnic communities find it easier to accept the Eastern Europeans as they have had similar experiences and can relate to them.

Generally speaking, the migrants are hard working and keen to adapt, but they need to be given time and respect.

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