Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am going today to my son's school, Prettygate Junior in Colchester as a parent-helper. The Headmaster has decided that the whole school should be taught how to cook Indian food as a way of building cultural bridges and promoting diversity education. For my son, who is a minority in the School, this is a very proud moment indeed as he loves cooking and everyone is going to learn about his culture and method. The first chapter of my book 'Celebrating Diversity' is called 'Spicy or Plain' - and if children are taught to be spicy at a younger age, surely they will not be afraid of difference and see it as an opportunity to grow. Also cooking is such a grounded activity that it is a great way to promote diversity awareness. Want to come and taste the food - my stomach is already rumbling!

Parent-helping is one of the ways adults can get involved in the community and connect with school staff and children. I always find schools buzzing with interest and enthusiasm and love to spend some time and be stimulated. Hope you can do the same in your localities!

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