Monday, February 18, 2008


Experts on Diversity will meet at the Nehru Centre in London on 20th February to discuss the challenges of diversity in the British workplace. It is a widely accepted fact that despite the great population diversity, seniority in British companies and public bodies is far from diverse and poses a huge challenge.

Diverse Ethics Ltd is organising the event and its founder and Chief Executive Dr. Atul Shah has written a widely acclaimed book on this very subject entitled ‘Celebrating Diversity – How to live, enjoy and benefit from Great Coloured Britain’. Panelists for the discussion include Lynne Sedgmore CBE of the Centre for Excellence in Leadership, Margaret Sentamu, Head of Diversity at Odgers, Ray and Bernstein, Mr. Satish Kanabar, Area Corporate Director, Barclays – West London, and Jeremy Brown from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

The debate promises to cover the huge positive possibilities offered by Diversity and the creative and talent pool that it offers modern Britain. Sources of resistance such as ignorance, territorialism, fear and closed-mindedness will be addressed. Dr. Atul Shah explained: ‘ The Law in this country has created huge opportunities for minorities to receive equal treatment in British workplaces. The challenge is to open up the middle and ensure that the ladder to the top is not controlled or dominated by one race or sex, and people with different identities are allowed to climb without changing their colour or beliefs.’ Diverse Ethics specialises in providing exactly this type of training and advice to UK employers.

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