Saturday, February 16, 2008



Are you surprised? This is an industry which is very image conscious - but it is also dominated by media. To me this shows that the media industry - especially the control of it - is white. And then others try to 'fit in' and give them what they will print. The undertones must be that somehow black or coloured people dont sell clothes or designer wear - they 'dis'colour it. This shows the huge amount of hidden prejudice in modern society.

On the surface this seems such a paradox - an image conscious industry would want a variety of palate and colour to sell and promote itself. Perhaps it is driven by insecurity and people are desperately trying to aim for the mass market and fit in. What is really fascinating is that slowly but surely, Indian fashion is going global and creeping in on the Western design giants producing highly creative material which is already selling very well. And we all know what happens when India aspires to go global - it achieves it. I have at home a magazine called 'Asian Woman' - it is absolutely beautiful in the clothes and variety of contemporary fashion and is available from WHSmith and major booksellers. Ethnics will have to create their own media to reach the market, but this is much harder to penetrate and requires investment and determination.

Also, I firmly believe Indian culture has always been universal in its wisdom and appeal and very inclusive. So it has the right 'software' to produce global designs. Western fashion and media powerhouses - watch out, otherwise the rug will be pulled under your eyes.


Unknown said...

A few people have told me that the reason Miss India has won Miss World for a notable amount of times in recent competitions is because the European fashion houses want to sell their products there and this competition is a good way of promoting trends and fashions among young Indian women.

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