Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The above article in Personnel Today magazine shows how critical it is for firms to invest in Diversity training to ensure legal compliance at the very least. There are serious risks in terms of reputation loss, financial loss from a claim and the whole angst of actually going through a tribunal. And more and more tribunals are happening, according to ACAS.

There are different ways of providing training - an interactive internet based course, creative training through use of film, images and music, and workshops. Managers and executives are critical to this as they are in senior positions and often at the front-line of issues and recruitment/promotion decisions. The best formula we have always advocated is not one of fear, but one of opportunity - diversity is an opportunity to be creative, to grow and to learn from difference. We at Diverse Ethics can help you make just that kind of change which will lead to business success and employee happiness.

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