Tuesday, April 08, 2008



The government is embarking on a new initiative for 14-19 year olds to embark on vocational training for a new diploma in media and the creative industries. This is particularly aimed at disadvantaged ethnic minorities and in order to improve the lack of diversity in the media. The above Guardian articles spells out the initiative and its benefits.

Clearly there is a huge underlying problem in the media industry, and a shortage of solutions. It is an industry with poor training and also many would say very 'insidious' and artificial. Yet paradoxically, diversity has a huge contribution to make to creativity. Not only is there a problem at entry into these organisations, but also one of progression and seniority. It is still a very white industry, and power is certainly white controlled. Change it must, but how?

I beleive the entire culture of the industry needs to change. It needs to be more ethical and operate authentically. It needs to recognise the power of difference and accomodate diversity in all its ranks - but first, it needs to appreciate different cultures and the unique strengths they can bring.

Our culture tours can be very vital for media executives committed to change - they need to understand different cultures. We invite them to participate and take time out to experience the difference. Those with power need to understand diversity and not brush it aside or tick some boxes. Then only will there be lasting change.

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