Monday, November 24, 2008


The world famous London School of Economics boasts alumni of Indian origin in the thousands. Many of these are spread out all over the world, with some very eminent ones like Prof. Amartya Sen who won a Nobel prize and Dr. I. G. Patel, who was a former Director of the London School of Economics in the late 80's. Fortunately also, many alumni live in London and we all met on Monday 17th November to meet up with contemporaries and remember the 'good ol' times'. Among the attendees were Raj Patel MBE, who graduated in 1983, Ashish Patel of Intel, Kamalesh Kantaria, Mr. Anant M. P. Shah, Richa, Shrenik Davda, and the list goes on... See if you can recognise your friend or classmate in this photo above. We met at the Senior Common Room and had samosas and cocktails! Could you have imagined the LSE serving samosas in the 1980's? India is now a very important force in the global economy, and Indians the engine of this powerhouse. It is therefore apt for us to synergise and connect to one of the most prestigious sources of intellectual capital - the LSE. It is my personal hope that in time, this group also engages with the ethics of the knowledge base at LSE, where India's timeless wisdom also has a lot to add. Mr. Gautam Barua came to the meeting and is part of a unique alumni network working in this area - for details visit

At a time when networking is a big trend, alumni networks are the natural networks where friendship is built without any expectations. Our alumni are in many fields ranging from law and accountancy to development, banking, politics, and even media and broadcasting. Here you will meet a wide range of people under one roof and reminisce about the formative years. Also the numbers of Indian students at the LSE are increasing every year, and they produce an excellent variety show every year under the banner of Timeless. The next show is on 1st February 2009 at Sadlers Wells Theatre no less, and we encourage you to come and really enjoy this unique multi-cultural extravaganza. It will also be another opportunity for alumni to reunite. Details are at:

Mr. Anant Shah and I have suggested to the LSE a memorial donated by Indian alumni friends of the LSE to remember the huge legacy left by the late Dr. I. G. Patel, its former Director. This proposal is currently being considered, and if you wish to support it in any way, please do get in touch with me. We encourage you to forward this email to your friends and to come back and visit the new LSE which has changed so much and the atmosphere is very positive and upbeat.


Anil Kumar Gupta said...

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