Friday, December 12, 2008


On Tuesday 9th December, I was invited to address members of the Oshwal Accountants Group and their partners at a dinner in Harrow, North London. I have known this group for twenty years and it was started by a group of people for whom co-operation and community was an instinctive act. Their culture and values have really helped them to grow and succeed in every way - financially, professionally and the academic achievements of their children.

The real software of India has been its ethics and values, which the world still does not recognise. By nature, many Indians are flexible and adaptable and assimilate to new environments very well. Also their integrity and discipline is such that they are sought after as employees and advisers. These are the lasting formulae of success in any discipline. When we first came here, we had to almost hide our colour and try desperately to fit in, but now there is a growing realisation by organisations that we have something priceless to give. Diverse Ethics is playing a critical role in educating people about Indian culture and wisdom and in the process allowing Indians to have their own identity and not become coconuts in order to succeed.

I talked about modern developments like the work I have done through the book 'Celebrating Diversity' and 'Social Cohesion', the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, and the triple bottom line of financial, social and ecological performance, and the hijacking of concepts like sustainability and light footprint by people who do not live these values. It is important that Indians take an interest in understanding the scientific basis of their wisdom and articulating it so that they do not have to defend it but instead show positive ways for a better future world.

Books I talked about were 'Planet India', by Mira Kamdar, 'The World is Flat' by Thomas Friedman and 'The Triple Bottom Line' by John Elkington. All of these should be available on Amazon and my own books can be purchased from

I also explained to them the power of blogging, and here is an example - why not post a comment and pass this blog on to your contacts to help create a better world?


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