Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Children are the innocent victims of war. They become pawns in a struggle they do not understand and whose consequences they can only fear. How do we explain the current Middle East monstrosity to children? My ten year old son looked away when I tried to talk to him. It was as if the whole thing was too confusing and cruel to discuss.

But when has society seen children as a barometer of progress? When have adults given voice to their feelings, hopes and aspirations? How will the credit crunch impact on children? All I can see in UK is vote-buying and white collar corruption for power. The innocence of children is worthy of abuse say the politicians, in a subtle tactless way. Well they are wrong. It is children who remind us about love, kindness, sharing and happiness. It is they who show us selfless and unconditional love.

I heard a programme on BBC Radio 4 about how the Affluenza virus is a particular problem for English nations and someone asked whether this has any cultural causality. To me this is a clear problem, but rarely is there such a self-examination, except perhaps through humour. There is far too much pride at stake. British culture really needs to be put under the microscope to build lasting peace in Britain. No less will do.

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