Tuesday, February 10, 2009


President Barack Obama's unique book, 'The Audacity of Hope' has three key chapters devoted to the subjects of values, faith and race. As one of the most visionary leaders of the modern era, it is worth noting that he has identified these subjects as key agendas for the future. These are also the very arenas for which Diverse Ethics has been established - to build bridges of respect and tolerance, and even transform societies by drawing from the wealth of diversity wherever it may come from. This is the huge opportunity waiting for us to tap. The 21st century offers the potential for us to really connect with one another like never before and take our knowledge and understanding to new heights. Our recent book 'Social Cohesion' is an example of the new sets of ideas which can enrich the world by drawing from the wells of ancient wisdom and experience. It is attracting significant interest among policy-makers and thinkers everywhere.

Faith is so often dismissed and misunderstood by the intelligensia. Race is also subjugated by powerful interests, and for so many, values are not of any concern whatsoever. I get shocked when I meet senior leaders who have no concern for the world and its betterment. Here is a simple example - when Britain is in this mess, why is Gordon Brown so keen to get re-elected? Is his aim simply power and status? Who would want to do this dirty job? Only those who are ethically minded should have positions of power - Barack Obama clearly brings this to the fore and is the right person for the challenges ahead. Integrity and values are the key to a better future, and neither of these can be manufactured overnight. We have to actively look for cultures and communities which infuse integrity and remove double-speak or a duplicity in thought and action.

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