Wednesday, June 03, 2009


One of Britain's most famous poets, Benjamin Zephaniah, has a profound and deep love of people. He has written a wonderful poem called 'The British' which is linked below:

It creatively shows the melting pot of Britain, described as a recipe - a recipe for fun, joy and creativity, a recipe for respect. In a few words, Benjamin shows that equality is not a statement or a policy guideline but a practical act of connection and dignity. Each and every person is important, each and every voice is important, and peace is the most important of all.

Words can be used to build bridges. In workplaces, we can use words to inspire, to motivate, to respect, to encourage and to build a better Britain, proud of its diversity, keen to embrace it and profit from it. The BBC's poetry season is a great reminder of the power of words and their importance in inspiring people and uplifting everyday lives. Raise your life today - read a poem, or write one.

And enjoy the dialogue with your soul.


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