Thursday, October 01, 2009


One of the festivals in the Hindu calendar of the world is Navratri. It is a festival of nine nights. It is a time when people of all ages come together to celebrate the beauty of creation and give thanks to God for giving us a healthy and prosperous life. It is a festival of motherhood, giving thanks to Mataji for enabling mothers to nurture creation. In the UK, it is celebrated all over the country, and as always, I made a lot of effort to invite the media and civic leaders to come and enjoy the celebrations and see social cohesion in practice. I have always believed that many of the solutions to our intractable problems lie in the past, and they need to come off the boundaries of faiths and cultures, and be shared more widely to enrich the whole world. Navratri is such a festival, and we had two full colour pages in the Gazette this year and a national BBC radio broadcast on the festival - you can view it by clicking this pagelink and listen to the broadcast:( The awareness of the festival and its virtues are spreading everywhere.


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Culture of India
The people of India speak Hindi and English. The linguistic diversity of India is very diverse according to a fractionation scale which is 0.8069 for India. The adherents of Hinduism make up the religious majority in the country. 31.3% of the Indian population live in cities. This percentage includes the urban population of India. The rate of urbanization in India is given as 2.4. According to data on inbound tourists in India, 6,968,000 tourists come to the country every year.

National anthem
The national anthem of India is called "Jana Gana Mana", which means "Hail to the ruler of all spirits" in English. It was adopted in 1950. Both the music and lyrics were composed by Rabindranath Tagore.

Fast food
The first McDonalds in India opened on October 13, 1996 and was located in Delhi. There are currently 250 operating McDonalds restaurants in India. The number of operating McDonalds restaurants in a country is an indication of the influence of western culture and globalization in that country. Operating McDonald's restaurants could also have a direct impact on the health of a country's citizens. About 2% of India's population is obese.

Alcohol consumption
Every year people in India consume 2.2 liters of alcohol per capita and this amount consists of 6.8% beer, 0.1% wine, 93.1% distilled spirits and 0% other alcohol.

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One of the most popular national dishes of India is various types of curry.

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